Night of the Hunt

Midnight_Demon_Wig.png Midnight_demon_wings.png Midnight_Demoness_Contacts.png
Midnight Demon Wig Midnight demon wings Midnight Demoness Contacts
Legendary Legendary Legendary
Midnight_Demoness_Wig.png Midnight_Demon_Contacts.png Midnight_Demoness_Headband.png
Midnight Demoness Wig Midnight Demon Contacts Midnight Demoness Headband
Legendary Epic Epic
Midnight_HUntress_hat.png Midnight_Huntress_Scarf.png Midnight_Huntress_Contacts.png
Midnight Huntress hat Midnight Huntress Scarf Midnight Huntress Contacts
Epic Epic Rare
Midnight_Hunter_Hat.png Midnight_HUnter_coat.png Midnight_Demoness_Shoes.png
Midnight Hunter Hat Midnight Hunter coat Midnight Demoness Shoes
Rare Rare Rare
Midnight_Demon_Feathers.png Midnight_Demon_Boots.png Midnight_Huntress_Skirt.png
Midnight Demon Feathers Midnight Demon Boots Midnight Huntress Skirt
Rare Rare Uncommon
Midnight_Huntress_Mantle.png Midnight_Huntress_Cincher.png Midnight_HUntress_bolero.png
Midnight Huntress Mantle Midnight Huntress Cincher Midnight Huntress bolero
Uncommon Uncommon Uncommon
Midnight_HUnter_Mantle.png Midnight_HUnter_bottoms.png Midnight_Demoness_Corset.png
Midnight Hunter Mantle Midnight Hunter bottoms Midnight Demoness Corset
Uncommon Uncommon Uncommon
Midnight_Demoness_Bolero.png Midnight_Huntress_Shirt.png Midnight_Huntress_Gloves.png
Midnight Demoness Bolero Midnight Huntress Shirt Midnight Huntress Gloves
Uncommon Common Common
Midnight_Huntress_Bra.png Midnight_Hunter_Shirt.png Midnight_Demoness_Dress.png
Midnight Huntress Bra Midnight Hunter Shirt Midnight Demoness Dress
Common Common Common
Midnight_Demon_Vest.png Midnight_Demon_Pants.png Midnight_Demon_Armwarmers.png
Midnight Demon Vest Midnight Demon Pants Midnight Demon Armwarmers
Common Common Common

Ladder Items

Evil_s_Bane_Boots.png Aka_Manah_Wrap.png Evil_s_Bane_Coat.png
Evil's Bane Boots Aka Manah Wrap Evil's Bane Coat
10 Plays (Common) 24 Plays (Uncommon) 38 Plays (Rare)
Aka_Manah_Dress.png Aka_Manah_Pose.png
Aka Manah Dress Aka Manah Pose
52 Plays (Epic) 66 Plays (Legendary)