Secret Santa
Santa's Helper will give you a recipe to create a Secret Santa Dropbox for Builders (make sure to have the builder profession). Placing the box on your land will allow other users to leave you gifts. You can also leave other people gifts by visiting there lands and leaving something nice for them for Christmas. Dont worry they wont be able to open and receive anything in the box until Christmas day!


Trixie has a recipe for any cooks to make Gingerbread Cookies. In order to make the cookies you'll need eggs (advised to get some chickens or buy some from Trixie's shop) and flour (you'll need a cow and a mill). Once you have enough cookies you can trade them in for items or crafting recipes. Santa's Helper has the shop!

Shop Items
Santa_s_Elf_Tunic.png Santa's Elf Tunic 20 Gingerbread Cookies
Santa_s_Elf_Leggings.png Santa's Elf Leggings 5 Gingerbread Cookies
Santa_s_Elf_Dress.png Santa's Elf Dress 15 Gingerbread Cookies
Santa_s_Elf_Shoes.png Santa's Elf Shoes 3 Gingerbread Cookies
Santa_s_Elf_Coat.png Santa's Elf Coat 10 Gingerbread Cookies
Candy_Cane_poll.png Candy Cane Poll 5 Gingerbread Cookies
nutcracker-hat-30-cookies.png Nutcracker Hat 15 Gingerbread Cookies
nutcracker-pants-50-cookies.png Nutcracker Pants 25 Gingerbread Cookies
nutcracker-jacket-60-cookies.png Nutcracker Jacket 30 Gingerbread Cookies
Snowy_Pine_tree.png Small Snowy Pine Tree 20 Gingerbread Cookies
christmas-tree-hat-30-cookies.png Christmas Tree Hat 15 Gingerbread Cookies
giftwrap-obi-20-cookies.png Giftwrap Obi 10 Gingerbread Cookies
Christmas_Polar_Bear_500luna.png Christmas Polar Bear 500 Luna

Crafting items
Tree_Costume_Collar.png Tree Costume Collar Tailor
Tree_Costume_Gloves.png Tree Costume Gloves Tailor
Tree_Costume_Headband.png Tree Costume Headband Tailor
Tree_Costume_Top.png Tree Costume Top Tailor
Tree_Costume_Skirt.png Tree Costume Skirt Tailor
Santa_Hat.png Santa Hat Tailor
Decrotive_Water_pot.png Decorated Water Pot Blacksmith
Decrotated_Snowy_Pine_tree.png Decorated Snowy Pine Tree Builder
Winter_Holiday_Street_Lamp.png Winter Holiday Street Lamp Blacksmith
Winter_walkway_light.png Winter Walkway Light Blacksmith
cardboard_Krampus_stand.png Cardboard Krampus stand Builder
Snowy_Dog_House.png Snowy Dog House Builder

As a special treat anyone that crafted and placed a secret Santa box received this little guy Christmas_Goat.png the Christmas Goat as a gift on Christmas day when they opened there box.