Secret Santa

Santa's Helper will give you a recipe to create a Secret Santa Dropbox for Builders (make sure to have the builder profession). Placing the box on your land will allow other users to leave you gifts. You can also leave other people gifts by visiting their lands and leaving something nice for them for Christmas. Don't worry they won't be able to open and receive anything in the box until Christmas day!
christmas-ornaments.pngFor every present put into the gift box. You will receive a Christmas Ornament. Hold onto these! You will want to keep them to exchange for shop items.As a special treat anyone that placed a secret Santa box received Poof Christmas Puppy Poof-Christmas-Puppy.pngas a gift on Christmas day when they opened there box.

Save The Town


The town is under attack from a vicious Yeti! Stop the Yeti to save the town and gain Ornaments.

02aa5fa10b4c7bc0eda6e3d0dc.pngAt any time, collect Snowballs by clicking the snowdrifts around town. You can collect as many as you want. To use the snowballs Equip them as a tool, you cannot collect more snowballs if you're currently holding them as a tool. When Snowballs are equipped as a tool your click will default to throwing.

When the Yeti is in town all the towns people will retreat into their homes until the Yeti has been defeated. To defeat the Yeti work as a team to throw snowballs at it and scare it away. When the Yeti is chased off you will be awarded Christmas Ornaments in varying amounts dependent on how many snowballs you throw at the Yeti. In the top corner of your screen you can see the countdown to when the Yeti will appear next so you can plan ahead!

snow_bunii_150_ornaments.png Yeti has 500 HP, each snowball does 1 HP of damage, max Christmas ornaments you can receive is 60! This particular Yeti spawned every 6 hours. In the last week of the event, Yeti spawned every six hours, however, if you defeated one, another one would spawn. This would last for 30 min. This Yeti would also have half the HP (250 HP) but also only give max 30 Ornaments.Snow Bunii, was also added to allow users to AFK snowball collecting.Christmas Ornament Items
chilly-caroller-wig-500-ornaments.png Chilly Caroller Wig 500 Ornaments
chilly-caroller-bonnet-20-ornaments.png Chilly Caroller Bonnet 20 Ornaments
chilly-caroller-boots-30-ornaments.png Chilly Caroller Boots 30 Ornaments
chilly-caroller-dress-40-ornament.png Chilly Caroller Dress 40 Ornaments
christmas-light-necklace-45-ornaments.png Christmas Light Necklace 45 Ornaments
festive-presents-7-ornaments.png Festive Presents 7 Ornaments
Festive-Tree-Bangles-15-Ornament.png Festive Tree Bangles 15 Ornaments
festive-twig-tree-5-ornaments.png Festive Twig Tree 5 Ornaments
gingerbread-man-plush-7-ornaments.png Gingerbread Man Plush 7 Ornaments
holly-armwamers-40-ornaments.png Holly Armwarmers 40 Ornaments
holly-bell-55-ornaments.png Holly Bell 55 Ornaments
holly-boots-45-ornaments.png Holly Boots 45 Ornaments
holly-corset-75-ornaments.png Holly Corset 75 Ornaments
holly-ribbons-15-ornaments.png Holly Ribbons 15 Ornaments
Jingle-Bell-Belts-20-ornaments.png Jingle Bell Belts 20 Ornaments
lawn-baubles-7-ornaments.png Lawn Baubles 7 Ornaments
light-up-lawn-elf-90-ornaments.png Light Up Lawn Elf 90 Ornaments
melted-snowman-buddy-15-ornaments.png Melted Snowman Buddy 15 Ornaments
melting-candles-5-ornaments.png Melting Candles 5 Ornaments
old-nick-bobble-toy-85-ornaments.png Old Nick Bobble Toy 85 Ornaments
old-nick-plush-10-ornaments.png Old Nick Plush 10 Ornaments
Poinsettia-Clip-50-Ornament.png Poinsettia Clip 50 Ornaments
Santas_Reindeer_Hat_45_Ornaments.png Santa’s Reindeer Hat 45 Ornaments
Silver_Bell_Ribbon_75_Ornaments.png Silver Bell Ribbon 75 Ornaments
snow_bunii_150_ornaments.png Snow Bunii 150 Ornaments
snowflake_clip_25_ornaments.png Snowflake Clip 25 Ornaments
Snowman_Hat_50_Ornaments.png Snowman Hat 50 Ornaments
snowman_plush_10_ornmaments.png Snowman Plush 10 Ornaments
songbirds_10_ornaments.png Songbirds 10 Ornaments

GingerBread Cookie Items

Trixie has a recipe for any cooks to make Gingerbread Cookies. In order to make the cookies you'll need eggs (advised to get some chickens or buy some from Trixie's shop) and flour (you'll need a cow and a mill). Once you have enough cookies you can trade them in for items or crafting recipes. Santa's Helper has the shop!

santas-elf-tunic-40-cookies.png Santa's Elf Tunic 40 Gingerbread Cookies
santas-elf-leggings-10.png Santa's Elf Leggings 10 Gingerbread Cookies
santas-elf-dress-30-cookies.png Santa's Elf Dress 30 Gingerbread Cookies
santas-elf-shoes-6-cookies.png Santa's Elf Shoes 6 Gingerbread Cookies
santas-elf-coat-20-cookies.png Santa's Elf Coat 20 Gingerbread Cookies
candy-cane-poll-10-cookies.png Candy Cane Poll 10 Gingerbread Cookies
nutcracker-hat-30-cookies.png Nutcracker Hat 30 Gingerbread Cookies
nutcracker-pants-50-cookies.png Nutcracker Pants 50 Gingerbread Cookies
nutcracker-jacket-60-cookies.png Nutcracker Jacket 60 Gingerbread Cookies
small_snowy_pine_tree_40_cookies.png Small Snowy Pine Tree 40 Gingerbread Cookies
christmas-tree-hat-30-cookies.png Christmas Tree Hat 30 Gingerbread Cookies
giftwrap-obi-20-cookies.png Giftwrap Obi 20 Gingerbread Cookies
Christmas_Polar_Bear_500luna.png Christmas Polar Bear 500 Luna

Crafting items

Tree_Costume_Collar.png Tree Costume Collar Tailor
Tree_Costume_Gloves.png Tree Costume Gloves Tailor
Tree_Costume_Headband.png Tree Costume Headband Tailor
Tree_Costume_Top.png Tree Costume Top Tailor
Tree_Costume_Skirt.png Tree Costume Skirt Tailor
Santa_Hat.png Santa Hat Tailor
Decrotive_Water_pot.png Decorated Water Pot Blacksmith
Decrotated_Snowy_Pine_tree.png Decorated Snowy Pine Tree Builder
Winter_Holiday_Street_Lamp.png Winter Holiday Street Lamp Blacksmith
Winter_walkway_light.png Winter Walkway Light Blacksmith
cardboard_Krampus_stand.png Cardboard Krampus stand Builder
Snowy_Dog_House.png Snowy Dog House Builder