Egg Hunting Game
you can enjoy a game of egg hunting with your friends. When you head into town you'll see Belinda right away. Talk to her alone to play by yourself, or to play as a party have the party leader talk to her and start and Egg Hunt.

While in game you are limited to what your party can see.
Wins while playing alone do not count as 'wins' but you can still collect eggs for later.
You cannot leave your party while in game, however you can invite more people to your game!
It only takes one no when voting for rematch to go back to the lobby. This way if someone wants to leave the party or the leader noticed someone went offline they can leave or remove them from the party.

Red Timer is the pre-game timer. Move to a different spot to start to try to get an advantage.
Green Timer is the game timer. Collect eggs during this time. The most eggs collected wins.
This is one special egg worth 4 points, the c4f5d254162167e3cf41b36922.png golden egg. There is always one per game. Try to find it!

When the game is done it will announce who won and begin a rematch vote!

Event Items

You Need to collect 57ccb7733e2e5017a91df6f9ea.png Easter Eggs for the item currency. Each Easter Hunting game that you did, you could get a maximum of 34 eggs per game.
Easter_Egg_Chair.png 150 Easter Eggs Easter Egg Chair
Chicky_Beanie.png 300 Easter Eggs Chicky Beanie
Easter_Chick_Hatchling.png 600 Easter Eggs Easter Chick Hatchling
Easter_Chick_Wllies.png 450 Easter Eggs Easter Chick Wellies
Courtoom_Rabbit_Ruff.png 450 Easter Eggs Courtroom Rabbit Ruff
Courtoom_Rabbit_Tunic.png 900 Easter Eggs Courtroom Rabbit Tunic
Easter_Bunny_Mantle.png 300 Easter Eggs Easter Bunny Mantle
Easter_Bunny_Ears.png 900 Easter Eggs Easter Bunny Ears

Egg Shooting Game
The Egg Shoot game must be played with at least 1 friend (party of 2 people or more).
Hold Click or Tap to aim in the direction you want and release to shoot. Take down as many targets as you can to beat your friends! While this does allow for some friendly competition, all players walk away with zigzag eggs based on the number of targets they hit so don't worry too much if you've got a friend that's faster than you.

Event Items

You Need to collect e7fbba44a593298edf9f3ac2e2.png ZigZag Easter Eggs for the item currency. Each Easter Shooting game that you did, you could get a maximum of 30 eggs per game.
bunny_cap.png 300 ZigZag Easter Eggs Bunny Cap
Easter_Bunny_Poncho.png 900 ZigZag Easter Eggs Easter Bunny Poncho
easter_bunny_jumper.png 900 ZigZag Easter Eggs Easter Bunny Jumper
easter_buny_lamp.png 600 ZigZag Easter Eggs Easter Bunny Lamp
easter_bunny_shoes.png 450 ZigZag Easter Eggs Easter Bunny Shoes
easter_bunny_tights.png 450 ZigZag Easter Eggs Easter Bunny Tights
bunny_clip.png 150 ZigZag Easter Eggs Bunny Clip
easter_bunny_belt.png 300 ZigZag Easter Eggs Easter Bunny Belt