Visit Newt in town and complete his quest to get started.

He'll give you an Aum Plant to care for, place this on your land and raise the plant to receive Petals and Petal Dust to trade for his items. You can water other peoples plants in order to gain more Dust,dust.png but only your own plant will yield Petals. petal.png

3de8d06ce329fa033a239805f8.png 62ceea3e2719565d86de74d5c3.png Leaf Sprite Dress
aa833c06eff34dced01a998ef8.png 7a61163c9fb89f00497bf5f775.png Leaf Sprite Shorts
d5c99f00f71d54859a3687d4fb.png 9c059fbecdf43294f632bd755e.png Leaf Sprite Shirt
a30e6c81b36697d5e363a5725d.png 463ab1a9f59f7edd449d965128.png Leaf Sprite Pants
d7a1a16ae9c5d7769869aaea99.png e8951a8d09857c351d831e079e.png Leaf Sprite Top
leaf_sprite_eyebrows.png Leaf Sprite Eyebrows
leap_sprite_nose.png Leaf Sprite Nose
leaf_sprite_makeup.png Leaf Sprite Makeup
leaf_sprite_belt.png Leaf Sprite Belt
Leaf_sprite_twig_shoes.png Leaf Sprite Twig Shoes