Transferred Items

Following the closing of the old Solia, we're transferring items that were released from May 2016 until the date the old site closed. This item transfer is being done simply as a thank you to the people that supported us when times were really tough.

Below is a link to a page with currently recorded transferred items. You may see them being re-released down the road. You will also see breakable items within it as well.

Transferred Items list

Breakable Items

These were items that had multiple pieces within it. Once the new system came about, Solia Online decided not to continue doing it in that format. Instead, have single item pieces in order for the items to become recolor-able, Allowing us, the users, to better customize our avatars.

Due to this, they allowed users to be able to break up these multiple pieced items in order for users to be able to customize them for a cost of 300 Luna.

Below is a link to currently recorded breakable items.

Breakable Items list