Luna Gacha

Luna is an in game currency that you can purchase with money. You can earn luna also by doing surveys. At times there may be events that give out gacha tickets. So keep your eyes peeled!

All Luna Gacha items will come with recolor1.png recoloring. recolor1.png Recoloring allows you to customize your items to your liking!

This is a compilation of gachas that have been released on Solia Online. In order to see what items were within each gacha simple click the name of the gacha you wish to view.

We have made the order of these lists going from NEWEST to OLDEST. Not only for year but for each gacha that was released.


Though we do not add these images to the item icons. This mini guide will help you understand what each symbol means!


Crown or Legendary
These items are the highest rarity of items.


Star or Epic
These items are the second highest rarity of items.


Heart or Rare
These items land in the middle tier of rarity.


Diamond or Uncommon
These items land in the second lowest tier of rarity.


Circle or Common
These items land in the lowest tier of rarity