Trick or Treating
Approaching Belinda she would give you a quest, you have to collect 10(?) copper and 10(?) Chili Plants which could be found through scavenging in order to receive a Pumpkin Jar that you could place on your land. Once placed on your land other players would visit you and trick or treat leaving you behind a random candy when they did. You could also collect candy by visiting other players lands and interacting with their Pumpkin Jar's. These refreshed once every hour on the hour. The candy you could get was the following:
Hard Candy, Toffee, Sour Ball, Gum Ball, & Bonbon's

Exchanging Your Candy
Delia Was the event NPC that held the event items store. Once you had collected enough of one candy you could trade it in for items with her.

Delia_s_witch_hat.png Delia's Witch Hat 55 Strawberry Bonbon
Delia_s_pumpkin_anklets.png Delia's Pumpkin Anklets 15 Sour Ball
Delia_s_tattoo.png Delia's Tattoo 30 Strawberry Bonbon
jacket.png Delia's Jacket 35 Sucker
Delia_s_shoes.png Delia's Shoes 20 Hard Candy
Delia_s_Cincher.png Delia's Cincher 25 Toffee
Delia_s_suit.png Delia's Suit 40 Bubblegum
Delia_s_Pumpkin.png Delia's Pumpkin 80 Sour Ball
castle.png Abandoned Castle 200 Strawberry Bonbon
Spider_mistress_shirt.png Spider Mistress Shirt 75 Bubblegum
spider_mistress_gloves.png Spider Mistress Gloves 40 Toffee
Spider_mistress_skirt.png Spider Mistress Skirt 55 Bubblegum
Pumpkin_Puppy.png Pumpkin Puppy 500 Luna
Batty_Pumpkin_Lamp.png Batty Pumpkin Lamp 450 Hard Candy
Gravestone_Decoration.png Gravestone Decoration 500 Sucker
Pumpkin_Strret_Light.png Pumpkin Street Light 350 Sour Ball
Pumpkin_walkway_light.png Pumpkin walkway light 200 Toffee
Small_Twisted_Left_Tree.png Small Twisted Left Tree 100 Strawberry Bonbon
Small_Twisted_Right_Tree.png Small Twisted Right Tree 100 Bubblegum
pumpkin-ragged-mantle-90-sucker.png Pumpkin Ragged Mantle 45 Sucker
pumpkin-bubble-dress-200-bubblegum.png Pumpkin Bubble Dress 100 Bubblegum
cut-pumpkin-hat-100-toffee.png Cut Pumpkin Hat 50 Toffee
skeleton-beanie-3000.png Skeleton Beanie 3000 Gold
skeleton-gloves-1000.png Skeleton Gloves 1,000 Gold
skeleton-pants-5000.png Skeleton Pants 5,000 Gold
skeleton-socks-1500.png Skeleton Socks 1,500 Gold
skeleton-sweater-4000.png Skeleton Sweater 4,000 Gold
Finally a special item was given to every user that logged on before October 31st Pumpkin_Kitty.png Pumpkin Kitty