An Event NPC that appears during The Medicine Plant Event
Schedule: All Day & Night
Location: Often found in Linden during events.

Medicine Plant Shop

Item Cost Item Cost
c5c48386fd3ccb8a24edba0a7d.png Leaf Sprite Cape Dress Plans 14,700 gold.png d466820ad7ac68b53f7484d3fc.png Leaf Sprite Stripe Pants Plans 9,800 gold.png
088d86248c8890dc3809c0ebcb.png Leaf Sprite Mantle 4,410 gold.png 860c8f460e8965b99403bf5b81.png Leaf Sprite Hood Plans 8,330 gold.png
0acc8696099230918b26724a55.png Leaf Sprite Collar 75 ae112430b6578c68f34ff1b038.png 7b9a618f2497de6cf2432f1271.png Leaf Sprite Short Wig 75 8ad74b6d73bc89573102a8e51d.png
df05567ee4c2e30e392c69c8ce.png Leaf Sprite Belt 15 8ad74b6d73bc89573102a8e51d.png 1ebd2998f5aa09beeb4c32a0c5.png Leaf Sprite Skirt 150 ae112430b6578c68f34ff1b038.png
60eddabb7627ddc3e8ba0e88b9.png Leaf Sprite Undershirt 350 ae112430b6578c68f34ff1b038.png 6fa3e6c5cb6c980f95a2b80e8a.png Leaf Sprite Gloves 18 8ad74b6d73bc89573102a8e51d.png
3de8d06ce329fa033a239805f8.png Leaf Sprite Dress 30 8ad74b6d73bc89573102a8e51d.png aa833c06eff34dced01a998ef8.png Leaf Sprite Shorts 800 ae112430b6578c68f34ff1b038.png
d5c99f00f71d54859a3687d4fb.png Leaf Sprite Shirt 300 ae112430b6578c68f34ff1b038.png a30e6c81b36697d5e363a5725d.png Leaf Sprite Pants 600 ae112430b6578c68f34ff1b038.png
d7a1a16ae9c5d7769869aaea99.png Leaf Sprite Top 20 8ad74b6d73bc89573102a8e51d.png leaf_sprite_eyebrows.png Leaf Sprite Eyebrows 20 ae112430b6578c68f34ff1b038.png
leap_sprite_nose.png Leaf Sprite Nose 20 ae112430b6578c68f34ff1b038.png leaf_sprite_makeup.png Leaf Sprite Makeup NOT AVAILABLE!
leaf_sprite_belt.png Leaf Sprite Belt 50 ae112430b6578c68f34ff1b038.png Leaf_sprite_twig_shoes.png Leaf Sprite Twig Shoes 6 8ad74b6d73bc89573102a8e51d.png


Loves Likes Hates


Quest Title Quest Prerequisite Quest Text Quest Requirement Quest Reward
The Medicine Plant! Medicine Plant Event Active The Aum plant is a magical rose that our people can use it to make very strong medicines. But there aren't enough of us left healthy to grow the plants to save everyone. We need skilled farmers to grow the Aum plants so we can focus on making the medicine. Please, will you help us? 2954dfbd7048e6e8be388968b1.png Copper Ore x 10 d82ba13d71d630532699810e43.png Linden Log x 20 695e1730eec1e17e764f1a529b.png Aum Vase

Event Appearance's

Medicine Palnt