Event Crafting

You will automatically have the Event job when you need it - no need to find someone to unlock,
The recipes are Bought or obtained during events and can only be crafted during that same event, they will disappear after the event ends.
Be sure to look for the ones that you want and the ones that you can actually make or it may be a waste of a purchase.

All recipes will be added into this table as they are discovered.

Your level also resets after each event so be sure to get what you want while you can!

Released Recipes

Level 1

77b62c1d1989a2ea7fdacc0eaf.png Autumn Moon Festival Cake e2ea78a0ee788efb1635a7f4f0.png Pumpkin Banquet Table 47d976d8370891f22b0da43b84.png Small Cared for Grave fe54ddd40d48b801d2bd7c6506.png Spooky Spider Tree 82c45ce67cd95e45f4df910efc.png Ghost Side Table
256633c19a3cfde6907c45945e.png Pumpkin Festival Balloons 10e22a76cbf1ff94fa4dca82d5.png Webbed Silver Candle Stand f6f3c04ccf40867945aac74494.png Webbed Black Candle Stand 89cc0f031a5ba763a35590538e.png Ghostly Tree Streamers d4f899431c897b33bc01806dbd.png Gingerbread Cookie Recipe
59dd681a06a94f3a82eee5d210.png Secret Santa Dropbox 493e6805c6d5a56a52c7ed0270.png Decorated Snowy Pine Tree 06275108dd0666a4cf46da8e79.png Cardboard Krampus Stand 511b8681fc1a29d490d2dd4dd8.png Leaf Sprite Stripe Pants 1920bdad53fd7274c6238e4031.png Leaf Sprite Hood
5a047fd16372c8d6721d0558a7.png Leaf Sprite Dress 9a69360f2aa59c8bae92481868.png Leaf Sprite Mantle 8c2b630064bcfdd2c4bf0fd28f.png Onsen Soap 5feea9a0a01b741063a53b5b08.png St Paddy Clover Beer f07be2547a6fb9c067b08f493b.png Little Lamb Shirt
d0f9d293756cf453a8178320aa.png Little Lamb Caplet

Level 2

b4913e959158c8dc1931004351.png Tree Costume Gloves 334d325957847ded25e82d4864.png Tree Costume Headband 75d85689436cfa50acde1d8036.png Tree Costume Skirt 3214ca977a7ea4dbc2ecfde215.png Tree Costume Top ad470d969861cd1b86ef08a7ab.png Santa Hat 806b6da49a44e7423722cba0c8.png Tree Costume Collar
be997901a2be5b2bbb0be798f3.png Winter Holiday Street Lamp

Level 3

e01e869fad6d93f1efbb86782f.png Decorated Water Pot dfe065c8a26c9094ac987f8c47.png Winter Walkway Light

Level 4

608f160bfec5d9d4496b5e024a.png Snowy Doghouse

Level 12

bbb86e3ee14a2be76bb8f06fa4.png Spider Misstress Shirt 5422e2b7ac4c44a5095ffd1662.png Spider Misstress Torn Skirt 2fcfde0730484f9cb1dcd3a0c9.png Spider Misstress Legwarmers