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The basic's

You automatically start with the scavenger job, not need to do anything to gain it, simply collect items you see around to gain exp to unlock more things to do.


Search high and low on different lands to find hidden treasures across all of Solia! Not only can you find gold but precious materials needed for your crafting!


Each Item you pick up will grant you 1 xp to your scavenging skill! So make sure you pick up as much as you can!
All Scavenger items will be displayed in these animated bubbles.
Any Scavenger items that can be gained, display in the scavenger tab of your skills tab.


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Bug Catching

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Unlocking Basic Skills

Skill Level Cost Ability
c264daf38b3b991bcb2e1822b2.png Scavenge 1 Free You can find various items as you travel:
9fa5369cf6bd990e951d7a054d.png 6-50 Gold, Maple_Log.png Linden Logs,
Copper_Ore.png Copper Ore, Wheat.png Wheat & Stone.png Stone.
92c22122c6ad00d087aa9c5aea.png Pond Fishing 3 9fa5369cf6bd990e951d7a054d.png 1,000 gold Grants the ability to find in any ponds.
427779c479d056f1ac3db94d7f.png Freeganism 5 9fa5369cf6bd990e951d7a054d.png 10,000 gold Grants the ability to find pet food while Scavenging.
5ed0c2b44b6b2f5e7332e8e30e.png Keen Eye 9 9fa5369cf6bd990e951d7a054d.png 20,000 gold Grants the Ability to find 9fa5369cf6bd990e951d7a054d.png 6-9,999 Gold randomly
feba336525c11b63a77e2c8d83.png AKF Fishing 15 1aa7e8379db2e5ec7a681c5ce8.png Chili Fish x5, fad6e03491452ca7ddf753a71d.png Double tail Betta x 2,
431349b6e21f5cd34d2fd503a4.png Goldfish x5, 1843fc17fa6febecbb3887002e.png Kohaku Koi x 1, 6da52e6b3b21eabb15c0b4c242.png Black Molly x10.
Unlocks the ability to fish while AFK and to catch eff06ac379d73f9ba54c8235aa.png Showa Koi.
e96525255f2a8ca60dc0334bc6.png Basic Lumberjack 20 Maple_Log.png Linden Logs x 100 Unlocks the ability to find chopable trees on maps.
d751bffbec836761abacb1a966.png Basic Mining 25 Copper_Ore.png Copper ore x50 Unlocks the ability to find and mine ore on maps.
d5b79041193c2beb3cc569dff6.png River Fishing 30 1aa7e8379db2e5ec7a681c5ce8.png Chili Fish x10, fad6e03491452ca7ddf753a71d.png Double tail Betta x 4,
431349b6e21f5cd34d2fd503a4.png Goldfish x10, 1843fc17fa6febecbb3887002e.png Kohaku Koi x 2, eff06ac379d73f9ba54c8235aa.png Showa Koi x2.
Unlocks the ability to fish in Rivers. You can now fish up;
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Upgrading quest

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Unlocking ★ Skills

Skill Level Required Cost Ability
16ce2dba7d08a15caee786a1f2.png Bug Catching ★ 20 (info to come) Grants the ability to catch bugs.
419a1e1c96af9d14b8c40b7613.png Ocean Fishing ★ 50 (info to come) Unlocks the ability to fish in the ocean. You can now fish up;
(into to come)