To start as a Tamer, you need to talk to Kit and buy the skill for 10,000 Gold. Once you complete the quest Kit will set you up with a free Dog House and Cow! Simply place both cow and doghouse on your land! Once they are placed on your land, then click on the dog house. You will see the cow that you placed on your land. Click on the cow, this will attach the cow to your dog house! Now your cow can start producing milk for you!

Character Skills

In order to unlock all the character skills, you need to complete the starter quest. Otherwise you will only be able to see pets abilities and pet them. However, you will not be able to gain any experience from it.

Once you finish the start quest, a wide variety of abilities are opened up to you. Here is the complete list and the explanation.

This skill allows you to view what skills each pet you come across has. We will list currently available pet skills and what they do below.

This skill allows you to pet your own or others pets. You can gain experience from petting your own or others pets. If you pet your own, you can also gain further relationship with them.

This skill allows you to feed your pets. You will gain experience from doing this to your own and others pets. With your own pets, you will also gain relationship points as well. Below is a further explanation on food and production.

This skill only shows up with your own pet. It allows your pet to follow you all over Solia World, into different lands and games! This will also be required for you to use some of the pet abilities too. Such as Radar and Treasure Hunter.

This skill will only appear when you currently have a pet following you. It allows you to return it to your pet to its place on your land. It will also only show up when you are on your land.

Relationship And Happiness

You can also now gain relationship points with your pets. As you feed and pet them they'll become more attached to you. The more your pet likes you, the better job they'll want to do for you. This means you'll get those rare items more often! Though you can gain happiness with all your pets, you will see the effects mainly in your farm animals. The happier they are, the more likely to get rare production from them.

You will know you have gained affection from your animals by the floating hearts above their head when you pet and feed them! So make sure you pet and feed them often! You will also find that, asking your pets to do tasks for you constantly, will eventually lower their liking towards you. Allowing your pet to rest will help keep their happiness level up high.

There are several levels that you can gain. You can find out your pets happiness level by clicking on them and going to the food menu. There you can see how full your pet is and how happy it is.

Current Levels of Happiness:

hapiness-1.pngCurrently we do not know if this is in affect, or if you really need to neglect your pets in order to get this heart at the moment.

happiness0.pngThis is the starting off heart

happiness1.pnghappiness2.pnghappiness3.pnghappiness4.pnghappiness5.pnghappiness6.pnghapiness7.pngAs you can see, as you gain more levels, the colors will change over time.

hapiness8.pngthis is the highest level of happiness your pet can gain towards you at the moment.

Food And Production

Food will be essential when it comes to keeping your pets happy! Not only will food help in happiness, it will also help in getting products from your farm animals and be able to use skills from regular pets. Having them do tasks will consume more hunger points too, so be careful on how much you ask your pets to do!

Your pets consume 1 point of hunger every 30 min. 1 piece of food, will grant 10 points towards your hunger. If the food is favored by the pet, you will gain double the hunger points. So instead of gaining just 10 hunger points, you will gain 20. Not only will you gain double the hunger points, you will also gain double the experience points as well.

Giving your pet its favored food, will also help with it's happiness level go up faster, but allows you to use less food in the long run as well. Allowing you to level up faster and be able to feed more animals.

Remember, you can not only feed your pets, but others pets too! So keep a look out for the hunger thought bubble over pets head. It is a given tell tale sign that pets are hungry!


Pet Droppings, all pets do it! don't forget to clean up after your little critters. Keeping these pet droppings around may help you craft some stuff, so don't forget to check before selling it!


Pet Fluff, every pet needs a little grooming. When you pat your own or anyone else's pets with the fluff brush equipped you will receive one pet fluff, it's a very useful material for Crafting.

Essential Tools


Dog House

Source: Katsu - Recipe for Builder
Pet Use: Used by your production farm animals.


Pet Chow

Source: Kit - 2,000 Gold Each OR Recipe from Trixie in Cooking


Fluff Brush

Source: Gary - Received for 500 gold when completing the quest: Dealing With Shedding
Pet Use: Equip the brush to receive pet fluff while patting pets.

Optional Tools


Bird Seed

Source: Trixie - Recipe for Cooking
Pet Use: Used by your production farm animals and pets. Favored by some, hated by others. Check below what pets enjoys what food!


Animal Taming
Level: 1
Required to be able to tame and care for animals.
This is granted to all users for free after completing the starting quest. This skill will allow you to use your character skills.
Circle of Life
Level: 1
Certain pets can produce items for you.







Pilgrim Turkey


Golden Sheep


White Chicken

Cleaning Duty
Level: 7
Certain pets can help clean your land.
Cost: Gold




Christmas Goat


Level: 15
Certain pets can help you find where items are when scavenging.
Cost: 50 Maple Logs
Notes Every time your pet uses this skill, it will consume 1 hunger point. Since it is used automatically on every land you go to. It will consume 1 hunger point every time you lead a new land, unless you have already scavenged from that land before.


These bubbles will show on the sides of your screen, showing you were the items are.

This is very helpful for mobile users, it better allows you to see and navigate to items.




Tiny Easter Bunny


Faerie Rabbit


Summer Blue

Treasure Hunter

Level: 20
Certain pets can sniff out treasure while scavenging.
Cost: 150 Maples Logs
Treasure that can be found
Every time your pet finds treasure, it will consume 2 hunger points.

If you go in your Tamer skills option, you can see all items that are available.




Pumpkin Kitty


Valentines Piggy




Party Dancer Hedgehog


Cheshire Kitty


Clockwork Kitty


Angelic Fate Cub


Paradise King


Merfolk Seahorse


Lavish Rose Kitty

Advanced Radar

Level: 27
An enhanced radar that also shows you what the items are in addition to helping you find them.
Cost: 50 Copper Ore
Info: The same pets that use Radar, will also use Advanced Radar. It will display exactly what items are on each land. This is automatically applied on top of Radar, so no additional steps to it.

The Question mark will be replaced with scavenger items. Allow you not only to see what the items are but where they are.

Advanced Treasure Hunter

Level: 35
Treasure Hunting pets can now find better items.
Cost: 150 Copper Ore
Info: The same pets that use Treasure Hunter, will also use Advanced Treasure Hunter.This is automatically applied on top of Treasure Hunter, so no additional steps to it.


If you go in your Tamer skills option, you can see all items that are available.

Level: 44
Certain pets will scavenge on their own for you.
Cost: 200 copper ore and 200 maple logs

Currently no pets with this skill.

Level: 54
As long as it's not hungry, this pet will scavenge for you when you travel.
Cost: 2 brown eggs, 2 cream, 2 gorgeous wool


Pumpkin Puppy


Angel Puppy


Young Summoner Pet


Steam Puppy


Magical Kitsu


Spirit Fox


Anubis Puppy


Shark Puppy

You're So Pretty!

No Ability: It's simply a cute pet that loves you.


Christmas Polar Bear


Pilgrim Panda


Druids Prayer Fawn

User Tips

-Save your pet food and other pet feed until you hit level 15. Until then, it is suggested that you pet other users pets instead of feeding them. Once you hit level 15, each pet will only give you .1xp. That is when you start using all the pet food and sunflower seeds!