Quest Line

Strange Food

Quest: Why do your people like these things that hurt your teeth? It doesn't matter, I'd like to take some home with me so could you make me some?
Requirments: Ice_Cream_sandwich.pngx 5
Completion: haha everyone will hate these!
Reward: hearts.png


Cave_Socks_Plans_1200g.png Cave Socks 1,200 Gold
Cave_Shirt_Plans_750g.png Cave Shirt 750 Gold
Vaein_Finger_Gloves_Plans_500g.png Vaein finger Gloves 500 Gold
Vaein_Miner_Dress_Plans_2500g.png Vaein Miner Dress 2,500 Gold
Vaein_Miner_Pants_1500.png Vaein Miner Pants 1,500 Gold
Vaein_Miner_Ribbon_Plans_4000.png Vaein Miner Ribbon 4,000 Gold
Vaein_Miner_Shirt_Plans_2500g.png Vaein Miner Shirt 2,500 Gold