Quest Line

Looking Out For The Young'ns


Quest:Hey, I've got 5 younger siblings that love toys. Could you grab some of the goodies around the fair for me so I can bring something home for them? They live in the city and don't really get any chance to leave. In fact…I don't think they've ever been outside of the cit. Animal toys would be best I think.
Completion: Thanks, me and Maggie are staying with Adelaide and Alfred, so I'll be here.

Looking Out For The Young'ns 2

Mira Williams
Quest: For one of Clay's siblings? Of course I'll help out, I make these for my shop back home too.
Requirements: Pet_Fluff.png x200
Completion: All Done, hope they love it!
Reward: Toucan_Toy.png

Looking Out For The Young'ns 3

Quest: An animal toy for a child? Oh how fun I'll make one of the things we have at home!
Requirements: Pet_Fluff.png x200
Completion: Eh what? People are afraid of these here? Oh… hopefully one of them will like it…
Reward: Spider_Toy.png

Looking Out For The Young'ns 4

Quest: Animal toys for kids? I'm in! I'ma make it fierce like me Dah.
Requirements: Pet_Fluff.png x200
Completion: All done! Too bad I won't be able ta see the lil'ones face.
Reward: Tiger_Toy.png

Looking Out For The Young'ns 5

Ariel Faux
Quest: This is for Clay? Yeah, I'll help out. I'm sure Raine will too, they're not on the best of terms now but there was a time they were very close and I know she loved his siblings.
Requirements: Pet_Fluff.png x200
Completion: Oh dear, this was harder then I thought it would be.
Reward: Bunny_Toy.png

Looking Out For The Young'ns 6

Raine Winters
Quest: Clay? Ehh… Ariel will hassle me if I don't help though. Fine, I'll help.
Requirements: 9fa5369cf6bd990e951d7a054d.png 2,500
Completion:There's no point in lieing, I just bought a toy. It' cost far more then what you gave me, but I suppose its not a big deal.
Reward: Koala_Toy.png

Looking Out For The Young'ns 7

Clay Bostwick
Quest: Hey, you're back!
Requirements: Bunny_Toy.pngKoala_Toy.pngSpider_Toy.pngTiger_Toy.pngToucan_Toy.png
Completion:Thanks, I'll tell them about you so if you're ever in Sorven come visit us! Pay no mind to our location, we're scrappers so being in the bad part of town is actually good for business.
Reward: hearts.png


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