Quest Line

Fresh Eggs

Quest: You've got a farm right? If you happen to raise Chickens could you get me some fresh eggs for me? They're so much better than the refridgerated ones we get in the city.
Requirements: Egg.pngx25
Completion: Oh thank you! These will be so delicious. I'll be sad wwhen I run out.
Reward: hearts.png


Himawari Cafe
chocolate_chip_cookie_recipe_5000g.png Chocolate Chip Cookie 5,000 Gold
Cinnamon_Toast_Recipe_3500_Gold.png Cinnamon Toast 3,500 Gold
Cream_Puff_Recipe_6500_Gold.png Cream Puff 6,500 Gold
Veggie_Soup_Recipe_3500_Gold.png Veggie Soup 3,500 Gold
Black_Tea_750_Gold.png Black Tea 750 Gold
Cinnamon_Stick_250.png Cinnamon Stick 250 Gold
Cocoa_Bean_500g.png Cocoa Bean 500 Gold
Sugar_500.png Sugar 500 Gold
Tofu_500_Gold.png Tofu 500 Gold
Vanilla_Extract_500_Gold.png Vanilla Extract 500 Gold