Monthly Subscription Items

How Subscriptions Work

To start a Subscription you must have a Paypal account. When you start a subscription it can take up to 15 minutes for everything to be delivered to you. On the 1st of every month the subscription is charged and the rewards are delivered as soon as Paypal lets us know everything is good. You can upgraded, downgrade or cancel a subscription at anytime.

Here is an excellent user guide that goes over it all. Guide To Getting Started

2019 Items:

January 2019
2019-jan-sparkler.png Sparkler

2018 Items:

December 2018
2018-dec-icicle-flappy-wings.png Icicle Flappy Wings
November 2018
november-flappy-imp-ears.png Flappy Imp Ears
October 2018
oct-pumpkin-lantern.png Pumpkin Lantern
September 2018
Glen_Umbrella_sept.png Glen Umbrella
August 2018
Head_Kittens_-_Aug.png Head Kittens
July 2018
Ra_Wings_July.png Ra Wings
June 2018
Summer_Rose_Swing.png Summer Rose Swing
May 2018
curous.png Curious Squirrel
April 2018
April_Cheshire_Cat.png Cheshire Cat
March 2018
march_Geared_up_Headphones.png Geared Up Headphones
February 2018
Feb_Throne_of_Nyx.png Throne of Nyx
January 2018
Jan_Angel_Puppy.png Angel Puppy