Summer Events

June Campaigns


Shark Puppy Campaign
For summer only Shark Puppy is here! Just go to your local fishing holes and catch that rare freebie pet!
Remember! You can fish 5 times per hour, per pond; and you can get a pond for your own land by buying one from Gary! The Shark Puppy will be available to catch until August 31st.

Wishlist Campaign
Now ready! With the new updates to the market you can search and add any item to your Wishlist! You have until June 30th to sort out your wishlist, 30 lucky winners will receive a random item off their Wishlist. In order to qualify for the giveaway you need at least 10 items on your Wishlist and at least 1 item must be added to your Wishlist on or after June 11th.

Angel Spirit Girl, eliechan, Sadako, Biomecha, squishypenguin, mdom, Duke of Failure, Usagii, Divination, Cucumber Dip, SinfulGaze, wite13lightning, Vexous, Topsy Kretts, shigome, TempusBliss, hurbird, (D)emmy (G)ail, Terasine, Emmy, shadica, Misaki♥Ayuzawa, catbookcrazy, Xolzealtzi Odelnos, Kina-chan, MissLlamaness, Witchchylde, KayZero, ɱoif, 赤い蝶

July Campaigns


Scavenge 100 Items
Grow 50 plants
Craft 10 Tailor Items
Craft 10 Builder Items
Craft 10 Blacksmith Items
Fishing 60 times
Pet 50 Pets
Spend 4 hours in world


2 Tasks -> 100 Stone + 100 Wheat
4 Tasks -> 50 Copper + 50 Maple Logs
6 Tasks -> 10 Screws + 10 Electric Parts
8 Tasks -> Gacha Token