Setting up your trap
Turkey_trap.pngGerald Will teach you how to make a turkey trap. You will however need to be a builder first. Gather all the requirements to make your trap and place it on your land. Once an hour there is a chance you can catch a turkey. When you see one you can free it for 1 feather. You can also check other peoples traps and free any turkeys caught.

Turkey Hunting
Turkey_Feather.pngLater in the event you were able to hunt turkeys. When traveling to a random land you would hear the sounds of a turkey appearing. You could press the space bar or the 'A' Button to fire arrows. Once you hit the turkey you could harvest 2 features from it.
Pilgrim_Panda.png Pilgrim Panda 500 Luna
Pilgrim_Turkey.png Pilgrim Turkey 500 Feathers
Pilgrim_Bonnet.png Pilgrim Bonnet Unknown Cost
Pilgrim_Skirt.png Pilgrim Skirt Unknown Cost
Pilgrim_Shirt.png Pilgrim Shirt Unknown Cost
Pilgrim_Slippers.png Pilgrim Slippers Unknown Cost
Pilgrim_Hat.png Pilgrim Hat Unknown Cost
pilgrim_shoes.png Pilgrim Shoes Unknown Cost
pilgrim_pants.png Pilgrim Pants Unknown Cost
Native_Headband.png Native Headband Unknown Cost
Native_Roach_Headress.png Native Roach Headdress Unknown Cost
Native_Pants.png Native Pants Unknown Cost
Native_Moccasins.png Native Moccasins Unknown Cost
Chilly_Owl_decoration.png Chilly Owl decoration 250 Feathers
Turkey_Plush_Toy.png Turkey Plush Toy Unknown Cost
Turkey_Hat.png Turkey Hat Unknown Cost