Help Figure out what happened by following the quest line of these three Valentines Day mishap!
Follow the quest line to find out exactly what happened and how it concludes. On your way to doing that, also earn yourself some cookie pieces! Exchange them to get heart cookies!

There is also the daily quests that earn you items such as:
5c527e84a735eae75060ece4a8.pngCocoa Beans
38ca861b62fc1a61c9962d8def.pngVanilla Extract

Visit Kit for your free Valentines Day Piggy! 4ef087bf7557d45ed0f48b4c35.png, He has Treasure Hunter Skill which allows you to find Cookie Pieces on different lands while you are scavenging!

Once you hand in 5 full heart cookies, you will be awarded a Valentines Day Box 37db328991dfcf8b660df4b55b.png
Upon opening the box, you have a chance to receive one random item!

e7e51cff7422ad5c9f811f65de.png Hearty
ab98fa46c2806ba06782b93dd0.png Delightful Bakers Dress
fa3cc7c077abb37d19248a602a.png Delightful Baker Sleeves
7fabbabf19bf657b976dc330f3.png Delightful Baker Purse
1e31b4c9b2eb81c058caa3a551.png Delightful Baker Heart Apron
6dcbde953095174b5d6e24c8db.png Delightful Baker Vest
1161d98b7919d9d063b18a41ac.png Delightful Baker Shoes
377f1ae6c67d70771eee5ccfd8.png Delightful Baker Ribbon