Welcome to Solia!

When first entering into the world of Solia, if can be a bit overwhelming! That is why we are here to help you get through your first few days! Remember! This only applies for the game world only!

Menu Options

On the left side of the world, you will see a list of icons, this is the break down of each icon, what it does and how to use it! Now some of these Icons may not be exact same as Solias, we tried to get them as close as we possibly could.

Full View

This icon will look slightly different, it is located on the top right hand side of your screen. It will be shown beside your username. Clicking this icon will make worlds for full screen! Click the same icon to make the screen go back to normal!


This Feature has yet to be released. Stay tuned to be able to take pictures of yourself and your friends!

Character Tab

This icon you will click on, and it will open up a variety of different icons and functions! See Below what each one does!

This icon will open up your jobs menu! You will have a variety of different jobs that you can do! Don't just have to pick one, you can pick them all and do all!

Quest Log
This will show you what quests you currently have active! If you do not currently have any active quests. Visit the NPCs in the hub to see if any quests are available.

Find you are running out of energy? Check if you have any food that you can eat to regain that energy!

Announcements will show up automatically when you join the Solia World. However, if you ever need to re-read or want to check out announcements, just click this icon and it will pop up!


Clicking this icon will allow you to see what others around you are saying! Make new friends by conversing with them. There are also a few different options available to you as well!

This will only show up if you are on your own land and it will be located at the very top of the chat box. This allows you to edit your lands name and description! Personalize your space!

These is on the left of the text box. This will allow you to change some of the chat colors! Make it all your own by setting up how users see your text!

This setting is simply to post whatever you wrote! Though you can use 'enter' on your keyboard/mobile as well!

Once you start talking with people, you may find that there are some users you love! and wish to keep talking to and well…you may come across users that you can't stand. Here is some solutions for you that are good to keep in mind!

Chat Commands

/who This command will list anyone that is in that land with you at that moment.
/Info This command will bring up the latest announcements.
/EMOTE NAME This command will allow you to text what animation your characters will do. For example: /sit
/help this will come up with you mess up a command, or you can type it to see a list of the current commands available to you

Emote Commands



Now dealing with users. You can click a users name or you can type /who and then click a users name. This will prompt a popup box to appear with a variety of options. Such as muting a users, Friend, Foeing, Changing their text color, going to their land!

apply colors
This icon will look like an address book. However it will apply your own colors to the users text and text background! Or you can Remove it and apply your own!
Clicking this icon will mute the user, meaning you will not see their text anymore in chat!
This will allow you to send a friend request to the user! Comes in handy when trying to form parties as well!
Come across a user you don't like? Don't wish to deal with them in forums? Simply Foe them! you wont see their posts or threads anymore!
this icon looks more like a castle. But either way. Clicking this little button will allow you to go to that users land!

Find Other Lands

Clicking this button will prompt a pop up to show you all the lands that currently have users within it, or, you can search for lands!

Random Land
If you are feeling really adventurous, discover new lands that may have no one on it! Especially handy when scavenging for materials.

Event Land
Discover event lands by clicking this icon!

Place Item

This is a very handy and much needed feature for some professions! It also allows you to decorate your land to give it that personalized look!

When you click this icon, it will open up a bar at the bottom of your browser. This will show you all the items currently in your land item. Simply click the item you wish to display and place it on the land. Remember though! You can only place items on your land! There is a max number of items you can place on your land as well, so keep that in mind.

Edit Place Item

This will allow you to edit any currently placed items on your land! Just click the item and it will go back into your land inventory! Have to many of one kind of item? Not sure which one is which? Your solution is simple! Just hover your mouse over the item you are unsure of. On land, that item will start to blink! Showing you exactly what item you may be removing!

Send To Bank

Clicking this icon will allow you to click any item currently in your land inventory! Doing this will allow you to send it to your bank. This becomes handy when you wish to sell items! Or even move those massive amounts of poop from your land to sell or use!

Close Edit

Clicking this icon will completely close out land editing. Allowing you to go back to what you were doing before!


When clicking a land item, this will allow you to flip it. Allowing you to personalize your land more than before! Excellent for making pathways!

Grid On

Having grid on, will show you were items can not be placed, Allowing you to make sure everything fits where it needs to go!

Grid Off

Clicking this icon will show you what your land would look like without the grid. Allowing you to better see how it would appear to others!

Character Emotes

Clicking this icon will prompt a popup to display different actions your avatar can make! Wave to a person, celebrate with a hooray or even sit down and relax!


With this feature, never scavenge alone again! Invite friends or random users to your party and enjoy playing Solia together! The creator of the party will be the leader. Where ever the leader goes, so do you!

If you are party of a party, you will not be able to teleport to another land unless the leader goes there.

Invite Users
Clicking this icon will show you your friends and allow you to invite them to join a party with you! Simply click the users icon and it will send them an invite!

No one on your friends list? No Problem! Simply go onto another land where there are other users and click open the party icon again and it will show you everyone within that land! Click their icon and invite them to your party!

Kick Users
You can only kick users if you are the party leader. Party Leader is indicated by a small crown icon located on the top left hand side of the users image.

You can kick a user by clicking on that users image! Its rather simple!

Leave Party
Leaving a party is very simple! Simply click on your own image and away you go!


This Icon will be essential for landscaping, watering and plants your seeds! It is located at the top left hand side of the screen.
By clicking icon, your land inventory will open up at the bottom of your screen, showing you all the items you can hold!

Simply click on the item icon that you wish to hold and exit out of the menu!
Already holding an item? Can't remove it? Just click the tool on the top left hand side. This will open up your tool options again.

Within the area that shows your tools. There will be an icon that will allow you to click that will also remove any tool you are currently holding! After clicking it. Simply Exit out and you are ready to gather your planted items!


On the Top left hand side, you will see a purple vertical bar with a number below it. This number indicates how much energy you have. A lot of the professions will use up energy as you go along.

Ran out of energy? Don't fret! Simply eat something that you have grown or cooked. Haven't done any of that? Then simply wait some time. Every hour that passes replenishes your energy by a small amount! Or you can search the market to see if any other users are selling food items!


Mail Time! or also known as PM (Private Message) You can send these to users through any mailbox on any land! By default you will be given one as part of a starter pack! Just place it on your land, click on it and look around!

You will see different tabs one for Inbox, Sent and Compose. Inbox is any messages you have received, sent is any messages you have sent and who too, Compose allows you to send messages to users!