Solia is a world that has gotten past the devastation and in the healing phases of an apocalyptic event. The inhabitants are still broken into small groups having a difficult time getting by, and bandits are still a problem. But there are people in the world trying to do good by building villages and cities and creating welcome settlements for people to gather to help one another and prosper together. One such city that you are probably familiar with is Sorven, founded by the Winters Family.

Now headed by Raine Winters, Sorven has an overcrowding problem. It can't grow fast enough to get ahead of, so Raine has taken on a project to try to spread Sorven's prosperity. She is looking for people to start building more towns, in places with more room than Sorven has left. This is where you come in, take up the task, and start your own settlement. Create not only your own home, but homes for others; gather villagers, and with their help - create a prospering town.

Information Disclaimer
This reflective of the information we currently know. Not all may line up correctly with NPCs that we do not see all the time. Until Solia.Online gives that information, these are place holders for the NPC's

Full List of Current NPC's


The Hub

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NPCs Alfred, Kale, Trixie, Katsu, Gary, Artie, Kit, Adelaide, Jean, Alice


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NPCs Mira, Solvok, Maggie, Raine, Ariel, Clay


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NPCs Arev, Elieth

The Sirens

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NPCs Jumi, Gina, Tab